Red War – A Sunday Photo Prompt Entry

Sunday Photo Fiction

It’s that time of the week again! Sunday Photo Prompt Time! Thanks Al! 😀

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly Flash Fictionprompt based on the photo supplied below. If you wish to take part, the idea is to write a piece of fiction of around 100-200 words (usually called flash fiction).

Once you have written your story, please click on the blue creature below to add your story to the list. If you see other people’s faces there, then take a peek at their story and pop them a like a bit of feedback. It’s always nice to hear what other people think of your stories.

This is the Beagle 2. Photograph taken in 2009 at the National Space Centre, Leicester, UK.  This was a machine designed to be sent to Mars and to use the instruments on board to send data back to Earth as to the composition and makeup of the red Planet. Of course, it could be anything at all for your fiction piece, it does not have to be the Beagle 2

Red War

Blood red.

Ruby red.

Call it what you will, but the Red Planet is like no other.

Over 30 million miles away, no one dreamed we would actually make it.

Now people dreamed that we hadn’t.

Sometimes things happen as prophesized, and we gape in amazement.

Not now.

Now the Roman God of War has reared its ugly head.

We were not prepared for such a clash, and now we brace against the horrendous beings that survived the inhospitable environment that had us convinced the planet was abandoned.

Such a clever trick.

Only scientists and colonists landed first. They had no chance.

Now we send warriors to pick up the pieces, but even they fall in numbers incomprehensible to their generals.

Retreat is not an option. They have us now; they know our strengths, our weaknesses, where we live.

Curiosity killed the cat, and now us it seems.

Humanity has come together, but it is not enough.

Now we search for escape. But how far must we go to escape these monsters that previously only lived in the imagination?

Can we go far enough?

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15 responses to “Red War – A Sunday Photo Prompt Entry

  1. Great story! I wonder if we really do have that waiting for us when we arrive 😦
    I like the way your story implies that we’re not willing to give up and keep sending more and more troops, even though we’re getting slaughtered.

  2. Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed that. I say mine the red planet…mine as in “boom” not “dig for treasure.” The active ingredient being Parvo virus, or maybe even the common cold might work. Then retreat and wait.

  3. Great story Kerrie, the thought that all that effort to get there eventually ended in a struggle for survival seems to take a little of the gloss of the whole adventure. very well done.

  4. I love that. The egotistical narcissistic human race (or those that are at the top of the food chain anyway) is doomed, and for once, not from ourselves. Great story Kerrie

  5. So that’s why BIU’s were created 😉 I like the story, it captures the desperation of the human race as it faces losing a war for our existence. Nicely done!

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