My World – Speakeasy #146

I am God here;

I pick and choose

who lives, who dies,

who’ll win or lose.


All is mine down to

the sea and its ships,

the Kings and their Queens,

the words on their lips.


I control what they say,

I control what they do,

I can pull on their strings

and they act on my cue.


But then my plans go awry,

and they escape far from me,

make choices that are not mine,

do things I could not foresee.


I call out, beg them to return,

they shout back words I do not know.

This is my game, they my players,

so how can they defy me so?


My star-crossed lovers have disappeared.

I search cloudy skies to grassy floor,

lift mountains, sack cities, empty seas.

Lost now, their story is mine no more.


I was wrong; I can’t control what they say,

I try, but I can’t control what they do,

I can’t weigh in to pick and choose their fate.

They have more spirit than I ever knew.


I find them at last, at the edge of my world,

They shrink back in fear from the God they defied.

I move slow, wanting them back inside my head,

They part to flee from me, and I must decide.


I must choose only one for I cannot chase both.

I choose the girl, as she is easier to track,

with her now in my grasp, he will have to return.

I sat there and waited, but he never came back.



28 responses to “My World – Speakeasy #146

  1. I saw Lala’s interpretation first, but realized the difference as I read on. Oh characters, you vex me with your stubborn insistence on not doing what I want! Great work!

  2. What great analysis you have here in this poem — like you said, a writer losing control of her characters. We’ve all been there! But I guess it is a good thing 🙂

    • Exactly, we don’t want them to be lifeless after all. Although I do feel mean, because I kind of turned out to be the antagonist of my own story, chasing them to the ends of the earth 😛

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