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Hallooo there! I see everyone had fun with the plot generators, so I decided to once again go with a couple of generators from our loverly commentators Mike & Joe from , this time generating characters to insert into your devious little plots ;)

Rules are the same, use the first prompt that you get, and let your inspiration flow!

You can see this weeks challenge HERE.


Hyper spirit man who likes cleaning, dislikes just about everything else, and has an overactive imagination



George felt his skin crack. The suds stung as they seeped beneath his wrinkled skin, but he stayed the course.

He hated birthdays, especially his own. His family insisted on imposing their presence upon him; hugging him, kissing him, touching him. His skin crawled at the thought of what they brought with them. They didn’t understand. He tried to warn them, but they would laugh in his face, or sigh and shake their heads.

They invited strangers who would offer him ‘a good night on the town’. They judged him for his life and his choices. They gave him pamphlets and business cards, insisting that he should get help.

He didn’t need help, he just needed them to leave him alone.

The loofah was on it’s last legs, the material ripped and the colour faded. The water had gone cold, but George didn’t know how long ago. The raised pimples on his skin made it easier for the loofah to rip him apart.

He’d move and leave no forwarding address, if he could bring himself to leave the house. It would do no good though. No matter where he went, it found him. It always knew.

It invaded his loved ones, slipped through cracks in windows and doors, and down the fireplace. He’d spent a fortune on insulation, and ripping the fireplace out had been a nightmare. But no matter how hard he tried, his loved ones wouldn’t leave him alone.

They were infected, he knew it!


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