A Loving Curse – Prompted

Writing Prompts

For this week’s prompt, write about a character whose lifecycle is noticeably different from others.

A Loving Curse

Olivia let her gaze sweep over the horizon, where the sun was dying a bloody death, painting the earth a rich crimson.

Atop the cliff, left open to the elements, the wind caressed her skin in a way that another person hadn’t dared for many a lifetime. The cool fingertips pulled her long black hair away from her pale white face, and she relished the feeling as her skin rose to the chill.

The dark sunset provoked vicious memories, so she turned and walked away. She watched her shadow grow ahead of her, as her life stretched out before her; dark and alone.

A heart stopped beating nearby, punished for it’s mere proximity. Olivia sighed, felt heat flood through her, chasing the chill away, and changed course.

She ploughed into the bushes, and watched leaves wither at her touch, flushing her cheeks till they burned.

She found the rabbit curled into a ball, and felt immense sadness at the sight. The creature was not to know the danger, and now it would know nothing. She stroked the rabbit’s fur, and felt her throat tighten, her eyes burn. How long had it been since she could do this to a living thing?

The sound of men marching, crushing the growth beneath them, startled her. She cursed her lack of attention, and with rabbit in hand, fled in the opposite direction.

She wasn’t scared of them.

She was scared for them.

She ran without thought, and paid no heed to what lay in her path. Hearts stopped, and unsuspecting creatures fell to the ground around her as she fled. She felt energy rise within her, and mourned every one of them.

What were men doing here? She had chosen this corner of the world for it’s isolation. They weren’t meant to be here.

“Hey, did you hear that?”


“There in the trees. I heard something.”

Olivia stopped in shock. They would find her. They would follow the path of death, and find their own.

Her gaze darted left and right. Where could she go where they could not follow?

The man approached alone. He would weaken soon. Grown men could venture closer to her than small animals, before succumbing to deaths grasp. But, how close was close enough for this man.

Her indecision was torture. She climbed the nearest tree as high as she could, praying it was high enough.

The man came closer, and she held her breath.

Without hesitation, he looked up into the branches, and smiled at her.

His face sliced through her heart. It was a face that had haunted her forever. He could not be.

“Olive. It’s been a while.”

Her long lost love, the curse that left her untouchable. He could not be.

She fell, heart and soul she fell to him. Gravity had naught to do with her descent. When he caught her, skin touched skin, and yet he stood.

“I knew I’d find you.”

As he lowered his lips to hers, she threw her arms around his neck, and felt heat rush to her face.

The kiss deepened and the heat left her. She felt cold; a deathly cold, and her arms fell limp as her breath grew shallow.

He lowered her to the ground, and knelt at her side. He brushed a strand of hair from her face and caressed her cheek.

“Rest now, Olive It’s time.”

As her final breath passed her lips, she smiled.

At last, an end.


14 responses to “A Loving Curse – Prompted

  1. You did such a great job with this prompt. The imagery was beautiful and you really built up Olive’s character well. Plus, you built in such a natural release from the curse that created a sense of relaxation rather than sadness. Now, of course, I’m curious about what started the curse.

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  3. Kerrie, bravo! I expected that there would be more fantasy with this prompt. It’s not my strength, but you have done a great job here! This prompt is so ideal for fantasy, and you had me totally pulled in. Loved it!

  4. I love the concept here, really very eerie. some of the imagery passed me by, but the overall atmosphere was terrific. I love the idea Olivia’s eventual death being orchestrated by her ex-lover (for want of a better term.)
    Like Wendy’s story, has the feel of something bigger, more wide ranging in terms of both geography and time.
    I liked it.

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