A Right to Live, A Right to Die

A right to wake

A right to rest

A right not to know

A right to know best


We choose our clothes

But not our kin

We can choose our goals

But not if we’ll win


Free will is ours

Or so we thought

For when death comes near

Our will is for naught


Decisions fall hard

On those close by

To cling on to hope

Or to let you die


We choose our path

But not it’s end

We can choose to stay

But not to ascend


A right to live

A right to die

A right not to ask

A right to ask why


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17 responses to “A Right to Live, A Right to Die

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  2. I think there have been a lot of thoughts like these after last night’s episode of Corrie.

    I was talking to my daughter about it this morning and saying that some people would use it as an easy way out – just for suicide, or some could say that their member of family wanted it just because they couldn’t answer back and that they didn’t really want to go. I said to her that it is something that should never be taken lightly, one that needs a LOT of thought and a lot of discussion.

    I think your poem sums up everything though. It is something that will be debated for a long time to come

    • I watched that episode last night too. When I saw the prompt over at We Drink Inspiration, it was the first thing in my mind.
      There are so many people and situations where I think it is right, but then I agree that it would be abused by others were it legal. A toughie to be sure!

  3. Moving poem.. Lately this has become quite the debate in politics and in the legal world, so much that even speaking of it in public seems to open a can of worms :S

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