Peaceful Protest – A Sunday Photo Prompt Entry

Sunday Photo Fiction

It’s that time of the week again! Sunday Photo Prompt Time! Thanks Al! 😀

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly Flash Fictionprompt based on the photo supplied below. If you wish to take part, the idea is to write a piece of fiction of around 100-200 words (usually called flash fiction).

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Stained Glass window on the old Town Hall in Dover. This building used to be Maison Dieu (house of God) when it was built in 1253. It was added to and added to, becoming a gaol, a hospital before becoming the Town Hall.  The stained glass is representative of the Cinque Ports.

Peaceful Protest

The crackle of a mega phone coming to life drew all attention to the front steps. The chanting slowly faded out, and the banners lowered slightly. We’d been there all morning, and the demolition crew had made no move to leave. People were getting hungry, and the inevitable feeling of defeat weighed heavy on us all.

Gregory waited patiently for silence before thanking everyone for their patience and dedication. My eyes were wandering when they fell on the police van moving down the street, parting the protesters at a snails pace. The foreman on the other side of the picket had warned us that the police had been called, but Gregory had assured them the police would leave them to their peaceful protest.

Still, I had a lump in my throat as I heard the sirens blare, and I noticed a group of lads smirking on the outskirts of the crowd. They looked ready for trouble.

Before I could say anything, and in the middle of Gregory’s speech, a brick sailed through the air. It hit the police car as it closed in on them, but rebounded.

Utter silence fell as we watched the brick fly overhead.

Chaos erupted when it smashed through the window.

So much for preserving history.


12 responses to “Peaceful Protest – A Sunday Photo Prompt Entry

  1. There’s always a small group at any protest there only for trouble. I love how you extended that so that their “trouble” destroyed the very thing the protest was trying to protect.

  2. Oh that’s awful! Hopefully that’s the only brick that bounced that way. The power of a peaceful protest is great, but then there’s often Hooligans that step in and make a mockery of the whole idea. It’s common that such people step in and destroy the good spirit and intentions of people with real goals. A well told outline of something commonly seen. Great job, Kerrie!

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