The Man in Red Silk

Shush, the hour is late and it’s time for bed.

I’ll tuck you in, plant a kiss on your head.

Once again, you protest, and beg to wait,

to see the old man in the big red coat,

but settle for cookies left with a note.

Down the stairs I creep, gifts at the ready,

but then I stop, someone’s here already.

In shock and confusion, I hesitate.

Smiling, he brushes the crumbs from his beard,

winks at me, and then he has disappeared.

The gifts, the eaten cookies, the drank milk?

All of these years, have I really been wrong?

Were the children in the right all along?

A clue on the floor? A shred of red silk…

The Man in Red Silk

The Twelve Sonnets of Christmas

Day # 12

Roasarian Sonnet 

This form is a poet’s delight as firstly it uses couplets. These are always a favourite with poets, and then it uses a link for those who like the use of refrains or French poetry.

Its creator Bruce Henderson, sets up the situation using two Quintains, the centre lines linking stanzas. This gives a rhyme scheme of:

 a. a. b. c. c. …. d. d. b. e. e. 

The final quatrain which contains the closure or counter statement gives a choice of linking, and using couplets an envelope. The forms creator chose an envelope form as the closure:

 f. g. g. f.  

Day # 1 – The Christmas Season

Day # 2 – A Chance Under the Misteltoe

Day # 3 – Christmas Alone

Day # 4 – The Forbidden Toy

Day # 5 – A Mother’s Christmas

Day # 6 – The Occasional Invasion

Day # 7 – The Seasonal Trend

Day # 8 – The Nutcracker

Day # 9 – Naughty or Nice

Day # 10 – Something more

Day # 11 – The Nativity


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