The Nutcracker

Nutcracker toy lay broken on the floor,

I try to sleep, but I have to fix him.

Creeping downstairs, there’s quite a commotion,

Mice and Gingerbread Soldiers are at war!

Tin Soldiers arrive, ripping limb from limb,

Mice are advancing by the time I see,

Nutcracker needs help, needs a distraction.

A slipper is flung, through the air it soars.

Nutcracker deals his final blow to win,

The Mice retreat, a wounded extraction.

Victors, we visit Sugar Plum Fairy,

and by my side is the Nutcracker Prince.

Dolphins, candy, and waltzing, I’m merry.

I wake, it was a dream? I’m not convinced.


The Twelve Sonnets of Christmas

Day # 8

Keats Sonnet 

A very interesting variation to the English Sonnet form is the Keats Sonnet. The main difference is that Keats used four tercets rather than three quatrains. The rhyme scheme is

.a.b.c. ..a.b.d. ..c.a.b. ..c.d.e. ..d.e.. 

Day # 1 – The Christmas Season

Day # 2 – A Chance Under the Misteltoe

Day # 3 – Christmas Alone

Day # 4 – The Forbidden Toy

Day # 5 – A Mother’s Christmas

Day # 6 – The Occasional Invasion

Day # 7 – The Seasonal Trend

Day # 9 – Naughty or Nice

Day # 10 – Something more

Day # 11 – The Nativity

Day # 12 – The Man in Red Silk

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