The Occasional Invasion

A cushioned layer dampening all sound,

moonlight on white making darkness brighter,

I shiver and wrap the blankets tighter,

as snow is falling, softly to the ground.

The heavy heart inside me grows lighter

as the world outside, wrapped in it’s new shroud,

drives people home, and disperses the crowd

leaving peace at last within this fighter.

I remembered how earlier I had vowed

to smile and nod during their invasion.

All I’d managed was simple evasion.

But with the arrival of thick snow clouds,

there was reason to end the occasion.

Though the in laws needed no persuasion.

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The Twelve Sonnets of Christmas

Day # 6

German Sonnet 

The German Sonnet was obviously influenced by the Italian sonnet. Although Goethe normally followed the Italian Sonnet when writing his sonnets, it’s believed that on his death his poetry colleagues constructed the German Sonnet as a tribute him. It has a similar octave pattern although the two quatrains have different rhyme scheme to the Italain. Similarly the sestet comprises two tercets and again a different rhyme scheme.
Here are the parameters;

 a. b. b. a. . . b. c. c. b. . . c. d. d. . . c. d. d.

Day # 1 – The Christmas Season

Day # 2 – A Chance Under the Misteltoe

Day # 3 – Christmas Alone

Day # 4 – The Forbidden Toy

Day # 5 – A Mother’s Christmas

Day # 7 – The Seasonal Trend

Day # 8 – The Nutcracker

Day # 9 – Naughty or Nice

Day # 10 – Something more

Day # 11 – The Nativity

Day # 12 – The Man in Red Silk


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