Trials and Tribulations

Times have been tough lately.  It’s gotten me to thinking, what about all of you?  What sort of things are you going through – or have gone through – which poetry helps to relieve from time to time?

Prompt: Using any form you like, write of a situation (nothing too personal) that has caused you stress, anxiety, pain or any other negative emotion.  How did you overcome it?  What helped you to keep your eyes on the prize?

We Drink Inspiration Poetry Prompt #5: Trial and Tribulation

As soon as I saw this post, I knew which poems I wanted to share. Now, I do feel as though I am cheating here, because I didn’t write these poems for this prompt.

But, I wrote them to help make sense of my troubles, and it worked! So here are three poems that span across a certain timeline, and directly show my own personal path through troubled times, and what helped me overcome them.

(1) Oct 8th ’12


There’s that feeling again,
It always creeps up on me,
Usually when I least want it to.
I just don’t want others to see.

When I feel myself falling apart
I need something to keep me whole.
A bunch of pills, small in size,
Is that enough to drown the woe?

Am I in the wrong place?
I shouldn’t feel this alone.
But then where should I be,
Tell me where is truly home?

Even if I knew, I couldn’t leave,
I’m stuck here shrouded in black.
The road is dark and I have no light
I can’t go forward, I can’t go back.

I try to fill the hole inside me,
It’s raw edges feel so tender.
But its all so meaningless,
If only I could just surrender.

But what can I do?
I could curl up into a ball,
Ignore the world, close my eyes,
Let go, let the tears fall.

Where is the hope, where is the light?
There’s nothing to make me want to fight.
There’s no one here to make it right.
Take me home please, make it right.

(2) Jan 28th ’13


How did I get here? 
I turn to look behind me
at the long winding road
that brought me to this day.

What did I do wrong?
All those plans and good intentions
were nothing but hopes and dreams,
now pallid as they fade into the ether.

What can I do?
Coaxed by friends and family
to try and find another route,
my mind screaming to make a u-turn.

Is there still time?
Could I still make it to my proper place?
I just don’t know, is it too late?
Have I gone and forsaken my fate?

Should I give up?
Wisdom has abandoned me here.
Exhausted, weak and hollowed out,
I find myself consumed by doubt.

A destiny has been denied.
My aspirations all have died.
No tears left, they’ve all been cried.
I suppose that I can say I tried.

(3) May 17th ’13


Anger boils inside,

there is nowhere left to hide.

Scream and shout,

let it all out,

and don’t think about tomorrow.

There’s no escape from the fallout,

most injuries are mine from our bout.

Nothings been achieved

and as life proceeds

I drown within my own sorrow.

I feel helpless and lost,

I gave my trust at a cost.

Bad decisions I made,

now my dreams they all fade

as I search for escape from this hell.

Such a big hole spreads inside

as deep as it is wide,

filled with such terror and fear,

the time for new decisions here.

So do I stay and fight, or bid farewell.

I’ll pack up and depart,

head for a fresh start,

surround myself with family

whilst I regain my sanity.

We all make mistakes in our youth;

trust takes time to earn,

and good judgment time to learn.

Though people may lie, steal, and cheat,

my family has arms wide open for my retreat.

As sure as I stand here: it is the truth.


Thank you for reaching the end of my post! They aren’t usually this long, but this prompt got me.

I hope no matter what happens in your life, that you have someone or something to hold onto!


6 responses to “Trials and Tribulations

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  2. Great poems here and a wonderful take on the prompt! BTW glad you have a warm loving family around you! In the meantime..I’d like to wish you all the best!

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