A Chance under the Mistletoe

Across the room I glide, to take my chance.

Wordlessly, I offer my hand; a chance?

Mistletoe swings above us as we dance.

By glancing above, I direct your eyes

to the question burning within my eyes.

You lean in under the Mistletoe’s guise.

Soft and sweet, just this one moment in time,

I will take with me through the rest of time.

Too soon, it’s over, I hear the clock chime.

The bells ring loud, but to me sound hollow.

Your fingers leave mine, and I feel hollow.

One moment’s not enough, I must follow.

But I’m lost, and you’re gone without a trace.

A small glass slipper lays here in your place.

sonnet 2

The Twelve Sonnets of Christmas

Day # 2

Blues Sonnet 

The Blues Sonnet is derived from the Afro-American, melancholia music or lamentation. It is a triplet form (Three rhyming lines) with lines 1 and 2 rhyme repeating and line 3 bringing the stanza to a climax in a manner similar to the Haiku. Purists state the meter should be Iambic Pentameter, (IP), but others argue that IP is an English poetry form and Afro-Americans had no concept of it and it should be left to the poet to “do yo thang”.

The Rhyme scheme is thus:

A. A. a. … B. B. b. … C. C. c. … D. D. d. … e. e.

Day # 1 – The Christmas Season

Day # 3 – Christmas Alone

Day # 4 – The Forbidden Toy

Day # 5 – A Mother’s Christmas

Day # 6 – The Occasional Invasion

Day # 7 – The Seasonal Trend

Day # 8 – The Nutcracker

Day # 9 – Naughty or Nice

Day # 10 – Something more

Day # 11 – The Nativity

Day # 12 – The Man in Red Silk


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