Driven Fools

I sit and stare at the TV’s glare,

wondering what to do.


Lost in thought, head up in space,

approach the sound of the boys that race.

A sudden change, there’s a vicious crunch,

I wonder what, but I have a hunch.


The curtains divide, I look outside,

praying that I am wrong.


Leaning forward all I see

is the lamp post leaning out with me,

the smoke and steam suffocate the air,

and car parts scattered without a care.


The street’s gone dark, but for a spark

from wires snapped above.


Whilst other cars come and pass,

light reflects off of broken glass.

Is this real, or just a dream?

Then I know; I hear her scream.


I gasp and run, chaos has begun,

as neighbours rush to see.


My slippers drink in the rain,

as their blood drips down the drain.

Driving too fast, down the wrong way,

the fools may never live to pay.


Driven Fools


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