Do I stay or do I go?

Anger boils inside,

there is nowhere left to hide.

Scream and shout,

let it all out,

and don’t think about tomorrow.

There’s no escape from the fallout,

most injuries are mine from our bout.

Nothings been achieved

and as life proceeds

I drown within my own sorrow.


I feel helpless and lost,

I gave my trust at a cost.

Bad decisions I made,

now my dreams they all fade

as I search for escape from this hell.

Such a big hole spreads inside

as deep as it is wide,

filled with such terror and fear,

the time for new decisions here.

So do I stay and fight, or bid farewell.


I’ll pack up and depart,

head for a fresh start,

surround myself with family

whilst I regain my sanity.

We all make mistakes in our youth;

trust takes time to earn,

and good judgment time to learn.

Though people may lie, steal, and cheat,

my family has arms wide open for my retreat.

As sure as I stand here: it is the truth.




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