So heavy, such weight on me,
sitting precariously on the edge,
counting back from three,
waiting to fall into the sea.

Fast I plunge into its depths;
disorientated, confused,
no sense of direction,
bubbles blurring my perception.

Eyes closed, I take deep breaths,
settling down as I begin to float.
I take a chance and steal a glance,
and see the oceans grand expanse.

From up above filters light
fragmented on the waters surface
illuminating this worlds wonders;
magical fish in colossal numbers.

Tilting till I’m staring down,
I see a wreck sitting below
begging me to come inside
to see where many good men died.

My feet touch down upon the sand,
I’m walking on the ocean floor,
hands gliding over rusted wreckage
sat here as an eternal message.

When people’s lives are in your hands
their safety hanging in the balance,
no corners should be cut for time.
What if those lives were yours or mine?



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