Waiting for Fate

Leaning upon the cold, stone windowsill

gazing out across the majestic glades,

wondering when she’ll see him again.

She casts her mind back to the time back when

he caressed her face, laying in the shade

from a grand oak tree sat atop a  hill.


Now alone, pining for his smile and touch,

dreaming that she would catch a glimpse one day

of his golden hair blowing in the wind,

sat astride his horse, on his way to find

her, and from her prison whisk her away

into the sunset; fairy tales and such.


Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, months to years.

Still she stared at the horizon in wait

for her bright, white knight in shining armour,

still devoted to the man she adores,

determined their love is destined by fate.

Locked up here alone, the worst of her fears.


Then just when all hope seemed lost forever,

upon the horizon, a silhouette,

a mounted horse cantering towards her.

You could see wings in their shadowy blur,

her hero was here, he did not forget,

she felt herself swell up with pure pleasure.


Whisked away, out into the wilderness,

far from captivity, wind in her hair,

strong arms wrapped around her, keeping her safe.

She had waited an age, holding to faith

that he would answer all of her prayers.

Under the oak once more with his caress.



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