Kids will be Kids

The joys of being young,
rarely known by the young.
Instead we crave a second chance
at life, at money, at romance.
Always, “I wish this!” and “I wish that!”
But your lot’s you lot, and that is that.
So stop all your moaning and seize the day!
Kids will be kids, no matter what you say.



14 responses to “Kids will be Kids

  1. Saw the youtube video below, you did it! 10,000+ words, good job.
    Some writers say that is not how many words you write a day, but how good the writing is regardless of the word count. Yet again, each writer has it´s own techniques.
    Are you aware that you have a library the size of the Library of Congress of the U.S and books thicker than bricks.
    Nice video, I´m sold. I´ll read your book.

    P.S. Cute PG´s (pyjamas) by the way, send me one with your autograph in the back of the book.

      • Read Scene 1, left a comment under the name Charly31.

        By the way, thanks for alerting me to this place,it´s the best site I´ve seen for novice writers, or for all writers I don´t know but definitely a launching platform.

      • Forgot.

        I put myself a challenge, I will read all 6 chapters before Monday that I have to leave and probably wont be able to use a computer in quite a while.

      • I was just hung up in reading this wattpad thing, I´m not going to start writing anything there yet, I will read your story that is my commitment. But I won´t write anything until I come back and I´m not exactly sure when it will be because I´m spending Christamas holidays with my dying uncle at the hospital. So I´ll leave the wattpad for later on, taking it easy. I have the urge to immediately put up a little story, but won´t. Prefer to see how things go with the family and then concentrate on writing something good, or as good as I can, and then post it. Right now I´m figuring out how this Wattpad works and what type of gadgets of widgets I can use. But I will get to know poor Thomas the little thief at least up until chapter 6. Nice job your doing.

      • Thank you very much.

        I am so sorry to hear about your uncle! I hope the new year brings happier times for you.

        I don’t know of ay widgets, so if you find any let me know please.

      • I call it widgets, don´t know, just the things that they have for example how do you get to put chapter one first and then in order from top to bottom or left right, that kind of thing. I´m checking out, it´s 10:15 and there is 9:15 but you probably have eaten something for dinner and I´m starving. I´m pretty tough, I can handle the situation with my uncle, been in worst places believe me, don´t get use to it, but makes you´re skin thicker. At least for me, the army, war, but that´s another story that´s unimportant.
        Read ya. I got you in my personal library.

      • I doubt it’s unimportant, but you only need say what you feel comfortable.

        Well if you get stuck, feel free to give me a shout, I may be no expert but I’ll do my best to help.

        Enjoy your dinner 🙂

      • I was going to start reading it now actually, you´re little snippets of the book, it´s 26 pages? I should be able to finish it by and then start on my writing, it´s Saturday I´m a party animal! Too much party already….so now time to focus.

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