Extreme aggression, irrational to most.

Bringing economic disintegration,

social disruption and high mortality.

Generally causing chaos and destruction.

Not accidental,

it’s intentional.

But is war an inescapable aspect

forever integral to human nature?

Societies exist, devoid of warfare,

they stand exemplifying others failure.

Mere circumstances

pattern advances.

Shocking that one World War was just not enough,

straight after, we went for a second helping.

Not merely equivalent, but much, much worse,

with millions of people well beyond saving.

Deadliest conflict

a crime to inflict.

But were you aware that the news of today

is painfully devoid of a deadly war?

The second Congo War, invisible here.

Eight nations with millions dead, we ignore.

It’s intentional,

not accidental.

Generally causing chaos and destruction,

social disruption and high mortality.

Bringing economic disintegration,

extreme aggression, irrational to most.







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