I Tried

How did I get here? 
I turn to look behind me
at the long winding road
that brought me to this day.

What did I do wrong?
All those plans and good intentions
were nothing but hopes and dreams,
now pallid as they fade into the ether.

What can I do?
Coaxed by friends and family
to try and find another route,
my mind screaming to make a u-turn.

Is there still time?
Could I still make it to my proper place?
I just don’t know, is it too late?
Have I gone and forsaken my fate?

Should I give up?
Wisdom has abandoned me here.
Exhausted, weak and hollowed out,
I find myself consumed by doubt.

A destiny has been denied.
My aspirations all have died.
No tears left, they’ve all been cried.
I suppose that I can say I tried.



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