I lie in bed; stare up at the ceiling,

I reach out for my phone, “is it time yet?”

A groan escapes, I can’t get back to sleep,

not today, today I’ll never forget!


I wrap up tight in my thick, fluffy throw,

stare out the window at white fluffy snow.


Bright and early I get to the hotel,

meet Family and drink champagne at dawn.

Glam up for a momentous occasion,

celebrate three years, that have come and gone.


At University I wait in line,

excited, waiting for my time to shine.


A long black robe draped over my shoulders

and a special black hat pinned to my hair.

Twirl for the family, emotions high

as we smile for the cameras everywhere.


I feel lost in the crowd of graduates,

I sit and wait to hear my name declared.

I pray that my high heels won’t betray me

see me topple over, so unprepared.


But here I go, waltzing across the stage

and with the chancellor I do engage.


I’m here! I’ve graduated! I did it!

A day I will forever remember!

I love having my family here with me

to commemorate such an adventure.



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