Sizzling Scene

Playa del Inglés

The “Englishman’s Beach”


Gran Canaria’s hottest spot,

the second largest of its kind.

Proudly it stands with sands of gold

glimmering brightly through the day.

Plenty  of water sports to find;

jet skiing, banana boat rides,

surfing and much, much more besides.

Even skydiving should you choose.


Meanwhile the nightlife lays in wait,

anxious to explode with life,

with noise, colour and alcohol.

There you’ll find pubs and clubs galore,

a crazy hustle and bustle.

You will see organised chaos

as they prey on the young, bribing

groups with offers of cheap liquor .


If you’re looking for monuments,

I’m sorry, you won’t find them here.

If you enjoy cultural sights,

then this is not the spot to stop.

Playa del Inglés (R rated),

Gran Canaria’s sizzling scene

engulfing the youth of today,

sweeping them off their feet in waves.

Is the Englishman’s Beach for you?



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