high in the sky.

Massive slabs of stone

glimmer beneath the sun.

Structures steeped in history

built by workers in the thousands.

Tombs for Egypt’s Pharaohs and Consorts,

shields from prying eyes, the spoils of the dead.



6 responses to “Pyramid

  1. Corrections: they aren’t slabs of stone, there were no spoils buried inside the Great Pyramid. So, what was the design, the dimensions, the purpse of the pyramid? Interesting questions to consider.

    • I’m pretty sure they were built from slabs of stone, most commonly limestone I think. Plus they were usually buried with certain treasures so that they could take them with them into the afterlife. As for why they were built:

      “The Egyptians believed pharaohs were great people that were half-man and half-god. Since only the pharaoh and priests were allowed to enter temples, Ancient Egyptians had to ask the pharaoh to speak to the gods for them. This made the pharaoh very powerful in the minds of regular Egyptians!

      The Ancient Egyptians believed that the pharaoh’s spirit could live for an eternity, which means forever. They believed that the pharaoh would become a god after he died, so pharaohs were buried in a tomb with many treasures which could be enjoyed in their Afterlife.”

      Thanks for reading 😀

      • Sorry, I was talking about the Great Pyramid. No treasure was ever found inside, nor corpses. The stones were not slabs but exquisitely cut blocks, encased in limestone at the time. It’s an extremely interesting subject and the object of a lot of research.

      • Wow that is interesting! I’ve watched a few documentaries on the pyramids and other wonderful constructions, it’s amazing to see what was achieved so long ago, before we had all of this technology 🙂

      • It’s a mystery how they cut the stones so precisely, how they transported them, lifted them. And the mathematics they knew is the most impressive aspect I think. all the best. Enjoying your writing.

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