Jealousy’s Knife

brightly in the 
lightness of day.
But come the
dark of night,
dark thought
after thought,
as I lay there
the knife sits
whispering to
me; it wants it,
because I want it, I want it too much.
Jealousy; it seeps through each pore
like a disease, it is so contaminating,
every single, tiny fibre within me.
As I toss and turn, I think of you
and her whilst sleep eludes me.
My morals sleep throughout the
night so I’m left isolated with
thoughts evil and immoral,
fighting temptation, alone
whilst you’re in her arms
not thinking of me, or us.
That knife shining in the
moonlight is calling me,
taunting with what I do
not have, cannot have.
Each morning morals
wake to stretch their
limbs as they judge 
darkened thoughts.
Without a support,
without them, in
a lonely place,
what could a
jealous girl
really do?
A knife to the heart
of a lonely woman who
wants what she cannot have.



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