Bleak Waters

What a bleak, horrible view. Nothing like the panoramic sensation that was the Bahamas as the sun set over the Indian Ocean.

This was set to be their first Christmas back in England with the wind and rain hounding the streets, puddles becoming streams, roads turning into rivers.

Marie tore her gaze from the downpour and slumped over to the boxes piled high in the corner. Somewhere amongst her colourful dresses and flip flops there was bound to be something suitable for this weather.

Heaving boxes down off the tower, she stumbled upon an elderly box coated in dust having never been unpacked. Cracking open the crusty flaps, she looked down at an old pair of wellingtons coated with mud and an umbrella missing one of it’s wires, causing it to slouch on one side. It would have to do.

Now somewhat weather appropriate, Marie ran out to her car, still managing to get soaked straight through. The windscreen wipers fought tirelessly to maintain visibility as Marie squinted at the waterlogged road, maintaining a slow and steady speed.

How can they keep the schools open with this weather? It’s just not safe!

Parking outside the school, Marie engaged in a prolonged moan with the other parents about the school’s refusal to close the school as more towns and villages became flooded, dangerously so. Still, no one really expected to be next. They just wanted relief from the school run and to avoid getting their hair wet.


Marie turned to see Heather skipping towards her, taking each opportunity to jump into puddles, soaking herself and others around her.

Marie chuckled at her daughters enthusiasm, her own little ray of sunshine in this misery. But the children’s laughter was suddenly silenced as a resounding crack shattered the air.

Marie twisted round searching for the source but found nothing as a rumbling roar built slowly. Not sure what it was, where it was or why it was happening, everyone stood still, staring all around and at each other.

As the roar reached a crescendo it was joined by the sound of trees cracking and car alarms blaring. It was behind her.

Scared to know what was approaching, but needing to see anyway, Marie turned slowly to catch sight of a wave like no other. A solid wall of water with all of its collected debris ripped from the ground and lifted as if they were nothing but toys.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as Marie spun, her feet slipping over the cobbles in her clumsy wellingtons with the other parents, children and teachers who were all swarming back into the school with nowhere else to run.

Snatching Heather up into her arms, Marie ducked as wreckage fell down around their ears. A stampede proceeded through the doors and up the stairs, clambering for higher ground. The water collided with the building, shaking it to the core and knocking most of them off their feet.

Heather flew from her arms.

Terrified, Marie rushed to her daughter’s side. There was blood, lots of it. She shook her daughters limp body as the water rose steadily around them.




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