Greek Wisdom

To understand the virtue of wisdom

let us turn toward the ancient Greeks.

When Plato dreamt of a ruling kingdom

lending courage to those who wish to speak.

When Aristotle wanted to know why

things are, not just that that they are.

When philosophers were free to imply

ideas, that at times seemed quite bizarre.


They worshiped Metis, the first spouse of Zeus,

a titaness of wisdom and deep thought.

With magical cunning she did seduce,

and bore the powerful children she sought.

Her daughter Athena goddess so wise;

she gave justice, courage, inspiration,

strength, strategy and even more besides.

Athena’s wisdom spurred on a nation.


Without wisdom only folly remains,

but then a fool is not always unwise.

To be wise you don’t require big brains,

when wisdom is found through your own eyes.

Condemn intellectual arrogance,

with a humble attitude we can learn

to understand good and bad in balance,

to be courageous and good in return.

“He is the wisest man who knows himself to be ill-equipped for the study of wisdom”

– Plato


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