Honour Me

Am I worthy of your respect?

Do I honour your moral code?

All my hard work along the road,

proving to be your loyal subject.

Your status, your social standing,

that’s all you ever care about.

No respect, moral code or doubt.

No more, you are too demanding!

Walking away to start again,

I’ll keep my honour and respect,

heal the wounds from your neglect;

the ones you gave me way back when

I trusted you and your judgment.

Not again, because now I’m free,

I’m no longer your devotee.

Through escape I am triumphant.


One response to “Honour Me

  1. A Yeats Octave Poem :

    The poem consists of at least on stanza

    Each stanza has 8 lines

    The rhyme scheme is a/b/b/a/c/d/d/c

    Syllable count not required but should sound fluid

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