All Work and No Play

When it’s always all work and no play

it makes for a very boring day,

but I’ll be staying here anyway.


Overtime? How can I say no?

Just a few extra hours to go

so I can earn a little more dough.

But it’s time and a half to my dismay!


We are all in such desperate need,

so many mouths at home to feed.

There is no choice but to proceed,

even if it’s no longer double pay!


Damn this recession, damn this stress!

I seem to be earning less and less,

my finances are in such a mess.

I just want to turn and run far away!


One response to “All Work and No Play

  1. This is a Zejel Poem

    Write as many stanzas as you wish (40 line limit), with at least 3 stanzas

    The first stanza has three lines

    The following stanzas have four lines

    The first stanza’s rhyming scheme is a-a-a

    The overall rhyming scheme is aaa/bbba/ccca/ddda etc

    The last line of each stanza rhymes with the first stanza

    There is no strict syllable count for this form

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