Age is Just a Number

Not again! Every year,

that dreaded day raises its head

and I leave my youth behind.

Growing older,

finding wrinkles,

hair graying.


What happened?

My youth

now a distant and fading memory.

So much that I didn’t do,

such regret

missing out,

rushing life.


Slow down,

Deep breaths.

Could be its not too late.

But first please raise a glass,

once again

Happy Birthday

to me!


3 responses to “Age is Just a Number

  1. Had to write a poem about the fear of getting older in the form of a Trinet Poem:

    The poem consists of three stanzas

    Each stanza has 7 lines

    Structure is based on word count not syllable count

    Word count is 2-2-6-6-2-2-2

    Rhyme is not required

    The poem should be centered

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