Sweets vs. Chocolate

Here is a bag of sweets just for me.

I could be nice and share them all out.

I’m a greedy soul so I won’t.

I will keep them all to my self

so there!


Bars of cocoa and coconut sweets,

delicious and fattening no doubt.

So maybe I should just choose one.

One needs to end up on the shelf.

So share.



One response to “Sweets vs. Chocolate

  1. This is for a Poem a Day competition where I could choose from three prompts. Instead I decided to find a way to incorporate all three of them.
    It had to include the words cocoa and coconut, use a picture of a bag of sweets and it had to be a Brady’s Touch Poem:

    The poem consists of 2 cinquains (two 5-lined stanzas)

    The syllable structure is 9-9-8-8-2/ 9-9-8-8-2

    The rhyme scheme is a-b-x-c-d / a-b-x-c-d with x being unrhymed

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