The Election Express


It’s that time of year again, who will win?

With Red, White and Blue covering the news,

get ready for the madness to begin,

with Elections expect lies and taboos.


With numbers so large they have no meaning,

facts that are in fact just made up, and some

candidates caught being so demeaning

to such a large percent, it’s just plain dumb.


With lame excuses and passing the buck

they hope to regain enough votes in time.

But then maybe it’s all just down to luck

and who is allowed in the voting line.


So climb aboard the Election Express.

Just choose which candidate lies to you less.



2 responses to “The Election Express

  1. I like this blog very much. I’m a follower of your website and wanna say thanks for all the interesting stuff on it. Please take a look at my website also??? Thanks!

  2. This was for a contest The Perfect Shakespearean Sonnet. The theme was politics with the elections coming up so I thought I’d give it a shot despite my lack of political knowledge.

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