Dog’s Best Friend

As I sit in the house all on my own

I think of how much we both have grown.

I know now that you will come back to me

and you will rub my ears and feed me treats.


From the very first day you always knew

I will always be here to welcome you.

I may not rush to meet you like I should,

but you need to know if I could I would.


When we walk in the park I tire quick,

I no longer chase after toys and sticks.

But as we sit and rest amongst the trees

there’s no other place I would rather be.


I may be old, but it’s just wear and tear,

I sit comfy knowing you’re always there.

You tell me your stories, your highs your lows.

Your secrets are safe, no one needs to know.


You always care for me in every way,

Just know that I love you more every day.



3 responses to “Dog’s Best Friend

  1. This was a poem for the Writers Cramp Contest that provides you with a prompt and 24 hours. It’s not specifically about my dog Molly because she still does bound towards the front door whenever you come home but I love these pictures of her so decided to use them.

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