A Selection of Quinzaines

I have been looking at different type of poetry and found a formwork competition online. This month they are focusing on the Quinzaine form:

A quinzaine is composed of just 15 syllables. A quinzaine contains no rhyming words and no meter requirements. Within 15 syllables, a quinzaine makes a statement and asks a question. The poet doesn’t need to know the answer to the question. The 15 syllables of a quinzaine are broken down into three lines. Here is the pattern:

Line 1: 7 syllables – make a statement
Line 2: 5 syllables – start a question about the subject
Line 3: 3 syllables – finish the question

I have been playing with some ideas, and came up with the below:


A house is not always home.

Will you help make a

Home with me?


I will forever want you.

But will you ever

See my pain?


A single Touch can kill me.

Will you bring me back

With one more?


Sometimes life is just too hard.

Over time will it

Get better? 


The pursuit of happiness.

Searching for something

To live for?



What do you think?

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